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The assignment includes four parts:
Part 1: making reference to either the tourism or hospitality sector, critically evaluate consumer behavior models and apply these as appropriate to illustrate their importance for planning and forecasting (1300 – 1500 words)
part 2 : consider a business within the sector you have identified above. Explain and critically evaluate operations management within the business, making ref to different operation concepts and the impact of external factors on the business(1300 – 1500 words)
part 3: apply porter’s 5 force to the business to critically evaluate the marketplace within which the business operates, noting specially and ethical issues which should be considered when developing a marketing strategy(1300 – 1500 words)
part 4: develop a marketing strategy for the business, placing a strong emphasis on e-marketing techniques, critically assessing the impact of the strategy on operations management (2550 – 3000 words)
I would need the case study based on a well known hotel in UK (preferable Shangri La hotel). Please propose a hotel name (if not Shangri La Hotel) for the case study by 26/09/2013
Also, I would need a draft ‘part 1’ (assignment) by 28/09/2013. Also, draft ‘part 2 & 3’ by 04/09/2013.
The essential list of reading will be uploaded to my personal account. Please choose as least four essential reading as reading sources. Also, please cover as least 11 articles for Part 1.
I will upload all lecture notes essential reading to you for this case study.

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