The role of local laws for OTT(over–the-top) services and internet policies

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Dissertation Proposal Topic:
“The role of international laws and Regulations for OTT (over–the-top) services and internet”
Applicants must submit a dissertation proposal that is typed, double-spaced, and no more than 2,500 words (ten pages) accompanied by a bibliography that provides relevant research sources that may be used in the applicant’s dissertation. The proposal should provide enough detail to define the topic of the proposed dissertation with specificity and indicate its significance and issues to be investigated.
Relevant research sources that may be used in the applicant’s dissertation:
1- U.N. organization. And UNODC
2- WTO organization.
3- ITU (international Telecommunication Union.
4- ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).
5- International agreements
Indicate its significance and issues to be investigated:
1- Law Enforcement
2- Public Sector (Telecommunication Regulator Authority)
3- Private Sector (Telecommunication provider companies)
4- Internet policies
5- Private and information of internet users
6- Information and telecommunication regulations
7- International law& international business law.
8- Problems related to OTT services and proposed solutions
9- International litigation and dispute settlement.

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