The Role of the Torah and Special Covenant

The Role of the Torah and Special Covenant” Please respond to the following:


The EEOC alleged that Jaki Menroe responded to an online advertisement for the position of customer service representative at Cuppers call center in Jonestowne, VA. During Menroe’s interview, the recruiter told him that he would have to work weekends. Menroe told the recruiter that he could not work on Saturdays because of his religious beliefs. Menroe practices Judaism who observed Sabbath from sunup until sundown on Saturday the recruiter told Menroe that the interview was over if he could not work Saturdays and ended the interview.


  • What are some practices and beliefs of Judaism? Can a person that practices Judaism work on the weekend?


  • Did the recruiter do the right thing? Why or Why not?


  • If you were the recruiter, how would you handle the interview?

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