The Second World War 1939-1945 Dissertation Topics

Unlike the First World War, the Second World War was a war of more rapid advancement and was a complex affair with major campaigns right across Europe – without including those throughout the rest of the world – as the war was effectively the protection of freedom against the threat of conquest. Such an important event in history would make for excellent reading as a history dissertation.

  • Why did the Second World War start? What was the cause?
  • Why did Allies accept the US’ desire to not enter the war straight away? Would the US’ entry have been accepted if the Allies were winning?
  • What was the key event in the war that led to the war’s result? Why is the event you have chosen so significant?
  • How did Britain survive for so long as the key resistance to Nazi Germany’s complete conquest of Europe? What factor was particularly significant?
  • When did the Axis powers lose the war? Why?
  • What were the effects of the war upon European society in its aftermath?
  • What was the most significant military operation during the war? Was it one the Axis powers were actually successful in?
  • Why were the Germans almost completely successful until 1941? How did they so spectacularly lose their position of ascendancy?
  • How great was the US’ impact upon the war? What changed when they entered the conflict in Europe?
  • Could the Second World War have been resolved peacefully at any point?

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