The Social Contract Theory of John Locke.

The Social Contract Theory of John Locke.

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Cite references as per APA guidelines.

APA example paper attached.

Provide an Introduction and Conclusion.

• Provide a 1,650-words paper in which you analyze the social contract theory of John Locke- Use level 1 heading. and how the values identified are consistent with the criminal justice system and private security settings-Use level 1 heading.

• Do these values and principles apply to both venues? Use level 1 heading.

• Summarize the major differences of the social contract theories. Use level 1 heading

• What are the key principles associated with Locke’s social contract theory? Use level 1 heading.

• How are these principle inculcated in the U.S. Bill of Rights? Use level 1 heading.

• How do the principles play out in the criminal justice system and security settings? Use level 1 heading.

• Describe freedom in relationship to personal rights and ethical standards and obligations. Use level 1 heading.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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