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With the theme of ‘women as passive victims of war’ write a commentary on Lucia Sanchez Saornil’s poem ‘Romance de la vida, Pasion y muerte de la Lavandera del Guadalmedina’ taken from her collection of poems titles ‘ romancero de mujeres libres (1937) A los que cayeron por la Libertad’
Discuss the poem in terms of the theme of’ women as passive victims of war during the Spanish civil war’. how does the poem convey this theme? A good knowledge of the Spanish civil war is needed in order to complete this task. all quotations from the poem need to remain in Spanish but the commentary needs to be written in English of a very high standard. Discuss the register/tone/structure/imagery/language of the poem and RELATE IT BACK to the them of women as passive victims of was in the Spanish Civil war. You may also discuss the poets background when relating to theme. focus 85% of your commentary on the poem itself.

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