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The Speech of Introduction should set the stage for a keynote speaker. It should welcome the speaker, introduce the speaker’s topic and establish the speaker’s credibility. Directions: Choose a prominent international figure (foreign figure) to invite to the United States to speak at an event. The event can be real or contrived, but must be linked to a real organization that could convince such an influential person to come to this country. The famous person you choose must also have a reputation as a speaker, and you must refer to one of their speeches in this speech of introduction. Write a 3-4 minute speech of introduction, using information gathered to complete the fact sheet. The speech of introduction should present the speaker, and highlight the event and organization that has brought him/her to this country. As always the content, organization and delivery of this speech will be evaluated. It is worth 50 points. * Content: Greetings, attention getter, speaker praise * Organization * o Introduction o + Greetings (1) + Attention Getter (5) Introduce yourself (5) Link yourself to the occasion, the organization that invited the speaker, and the speaker. Explain why you were given the honor of introducing such a famous speaker. o Body o + Present the speaker (12) + Link the speaker to the occasion (8) o Conclusion o + Invite the audience to join you in welcoming the speaker. (1) o Vocal Delivery o + Volume (2) + Rate (4) + Pause (2) + Inflection (4) + Pronunciation (3) + Articulation (3) Time Frame: 3-4 minutes Maximum Point Value: 50 points

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