The Study of Music and HIV/AIDS in Africa as an Act of Medical Ethnomusicology

The Study of Music and HIV/AIDS in Africa as an Act of Medical Ethnomusicology

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The readings related to the essay will be uploaded. Please follow the instructions precisely. The two sources to be cited are the two uploaded readings only.
The paper layouts should be One-inch margins all around, double-spaced, TimesRoman 11-point font.
The paper should include exactly the following:
Précis—Digging into Medical Ethnomusicology
You will find the topic of this second paper to be quite straightforward. At a basic level the goal of the paper is to familiarize yourself with two central, core works: on in medical ethnomusicology, the other in the study of music and HIV/AIDS in sub- Saharan Africa.
GOAL—Draw on the two central readings for our class this week in order to demonstrate two (2) distinct ways in which the study of music and HIV/AIDS in Africa (Barz/Cohen chapter) represents an expression of the emergent sub-discipline of Medical Ethnomusicology. In order to demonstrate this, you must position the study of music and HIV/AIDS within the academic study of Medical Ethnomusicology as outlined by Koen/Barz/Brummel-Smith. In order for your paper to make sense, you must first introduce Medical Ethnomusicology and then proceed to situate specific ways in which such a discipline is studied in regards to HIV/AIDS.

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