The study of situating JFL(Japanese as a Foreign Language) against Western views towards Japan over the last 30 years

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This whole dissertation aims to analyse the views of Japan that Western people have and had over the last 30 years, and evaluate how the number of Japanese learners increased due to the changes. In the 1st chapter (economic changes), it will be considered how Japanese economy has affected to the number of Japanese learners over the last 30 years by chasing the shifts of reasons for studying Japanese. In the 3rd chapter (Japanese business management), it will be considered how the Western view of Japan and Japanese people changed though the Japanese management.
I attached what I wrote in the introductory part. Please look at it carefully. I also attached two line graphs which show the changes of the number of Japanese learners in western countries and each western country. I would like you to use one or both of them in the essay if that’s possible. Also prefer to put any Japan’s economic changes charts (GDP etc.) in the first section.

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