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War changes people. Choose four characters from the book and discuss how they are changed. Be sure to include how O’Brien describes them early on and then how they are affected over time by the events that surround or involve them. Keep in mind that the success of this essay is based on the clarity and sufficiency of its examples. This kind of writing demands tight organization and control. Therefore, your essay must (1) cover the topic you are writing about, (2) have a central idea (stated in your thesis), (3) quote from the book for each claim you present, (4) provide thorough analysis of in- text citations, (5) be organized so that everything contributes something to the reader’s understanding of the central idea. Avoid being general in your writing. Avoid presenting the obvious—break the surface, go in-depth with your analysis, fish out the invisible, show me what you have found hiding in the crevices of the story! Avoid summarizing parts of the book just to fill up pages! Every sentence and thought must contribute to the thesis! Your essay MUST be at least at least 12 FULL pages in length (without counting the works cited page). It MUST have a thesis statement, body (several paragraphs), and a conclusion. You MUST examine at least five stories in the book. You MUST have a  working title that describes the nature of your topic. You MUST quote from your book in order to defend your thesis and all claims you present. A works cited page MUST be attached. Yes, everything must be in MLA format. You must include at least 5 outside sources. Your rough draft must be typed, double-spaced, 12 size font, Times New Roman. Please bring 3 copies to workshop on the workshop date (failure to do so will result in a 10 pt. deduction from the final grade). I will grade your essay with attention to (1) clarity, (2) coherence, (3) logical organization, (4) accuracy and correctness, (5) sufficiency, and (6) style. As always, spelling, grammar, and punctuation must be in good standing. Errors in MLA formatting will affect the overall grade.

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