The War

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The rules:
-7 pages long, MLA formatted (see purdue owl)
-2 sources (non-internet, scholarly article, from the journal databases or books)
-You may not write on more than two stories
-You may not write on a story you wrote about in the first paper
-You may expand on an idea started in a two page paper (but please don?t paste the entire
paper in?that never works.)
Strong Suggestions:
-The essay questions might suggest a particular ?angle? you may take in analyzing your story(s), but at heart I want your essay to be, simply, a thorough reading of the story(s), practicing the techniques we have learned this semester. To this end, it is a great suggestion that you make sure you analyze THE ENTIRE story. This can vary slightly depending on a story?s length, but if you only comment on half of the text of a story, you may very likely miss half of the possible meaning.
-I suggest you stick with these essay questions. If you would like, however, to write on JUST ONE story, that is fine. If you would like to compare different authors on the same idea, that can be fine. If you would like to alter the question in a minor way, run it by me, but it will most likely be fine.
Essay questions:
2.) Compare a non-Nick Adams story to a Nick Adams story from In Our Time. (On The Quai At Smyrna; Big Two-Hearted River) Why would the non-Nick Adams story be included in this collection? ? What connections can be seen between the two stories?(war, life ; death, future hope)

PayPal Acceptance Mark

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