Thermodynamics and Fluids II

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During a combustion process, Octane is burned with 1F% excess air. Assuming complete combustion, determine the air-fuel ratio.
Marks will be given for:
1. Using the correct, balanced, combustion equations.
2. Using the correct principles and equations.
3. Citing, correctly, the references used.
Question 2
A steam power plant operates on the Rankine cycle. The adiabatic turbine receives steam at a pressure of 12.5 MPa and 350oC. It discharges to the condenser at 0.E MPa (1.0 MPa if E = 9).
1. Illustrate the Rankine cycle in a diagram [10%].
2. Calculate the turbine work per unit of steam [30%].
3. Calculate the thermal efficiency of the plant [20%].
Marks will be given for:
1. Using the correct principles and equations.
2. Citing, correctly, the references used

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