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Assignment module one in ambulatory care coding
A patient is seen in the Emergency Room for dehydration. Diagnostic lab tests are done, including an Electrolyte panel. Before the patient is discharged, the Electrolyte panel is repeated. What modifier should be added to the 2nd Electrolyte panel code?
A patient falls and injures her left leg. She is diagnosed with a left tibial shaft fracture and the fracture is repaired. Code 27750 is assigned, what modifier needs to be added?
When an unusual service is provided, it is better to use modifier 22 than to report an additional code that doesn’t accurately describe the procedure performed.
A patient is admitted for a heart transplant. A team of surgeons performs the procedure. What modifier should all of the surgeons attach to the transplant procedure code?
Name a time that Modifier 52, reduced services, should NOT be used.
Modifier 58 indicates a return trip oto the operating room for a related procedure during a postoperative procedure( true or false)
A pediatric thoracic surgeon performs a procedure on an infant but does not see the child again. Instead, a pediatric cardiologist does all of the patient’s follow-up care. What modifier should the thoracic surgeon attach to the procedure code?
Use the article “Successful Modifier Strategies: Those Tricky Modifiers,” your textbook, and Appendix A in your CPT Book to answer the following questions.

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