Topic: Economic Analysis: General Dynamics

Topic: Economic Analysis: General Dynamics

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To create an economic analysis paper using the below company General Dynamics and its supply and demand analysis and then utilizing the below requirements. Because GD is a large company i would like to focus on Bath Iron Works, which is a subsidy of GD.
General Dynamics Corporation is one of the premier and industry leading private military government contractor in the United States. General Dynamics is categorized into four business groups: Aerospace, Combat Systems, Information Systems and Technology and Marine Systems. Providing products like Gulfstream, Mission Systems, Navy Combatant Vessels, Tactical Systems and Information Technology. GD (General Dynamics) is a world-wide leader in their products, and have situated themselves that way to provide support to all products throughout the world.
1. Identify two non-price variables such as customer income or demographics, advertising, prices charged for related goods or services, or interest rates that affect the demand for the products or services you identified in your selection.
2. How does each of the variables affect the quantity demanded?
3. Identify two non-price variables, such as wages paid to workers, energy cost, price of key inputs, or technology, that affect the supply of the products or services you identified in your selection.
4. How does each of the variables affect the quantity supplied?
5. Based on your analysis, describe the current market equilibrium for the industry.
6. Based on your analysis of the non-price demand and supply factors, what external conditions should managers be monitoring to predict future changes?

References to start with:

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Need to utilize websites like Economic Research and LexisNexis. Please use scholarly and peer reviewed articles.

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