Topic: Interpret the commentary on the role of Religion in Personal Morality in A Good Man is Hard to Find

Topic: Interpret the commentary on the role of Religion in Personal Morality in A Good Man is Hard to Find

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Research Component:
use at least 3 secondary research sources (beyond the literary text(s) you’re analyzing) to help build the case for your interpretation. A secondary source is NOT be another story, but rather is an academic article or book discussing the author, the story, or related issues. Your research sources need to be useful, intelligent sources that fully meet the requirements of “legitimate academic sources.” In addition to this, of course, you must engage in significant close textual analysis of your chosen text(s).

The key to this assignment is developing an original thesis statement regarding your interpretation of the selected theme. Make sure to structure your paper with a series of topic sentences that directly connect back to this thesis statement. Then use your own textual analysis as well as research (i.e. literary criticism) to investigate & ultimately “prove” your thesis.
build an insightful, complex analysis, not merely as a way of “shoving in” quotes into an otherwise developed paper. In other words, use research to build and add nuance to your ideas rather than to merely meet a minimum requirement.

•The text of the essay itself must be at least 5 pages in length, double spaced, using a standard font size (Times New Roman 12), and 1 inch margins.
•In addition to the minimum of 5 complete pages, a title page and a Works Cited page should be included.
•The Research Paper should be cited via MLA format, including in-text citations and a Works Cited Page (not included in the 5 page minimum).
•Proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, phrasing, paragraph structure, and essay structure are expected and weigh significantly in the grading of your paper. In other words, if your paper is not well-written, you should not expect a passing grade.
•If ANY part of your paper is plagiarized, you will automatically fail the course. PLEASE do not make this mistake. There are no second chances or “do-overs” with this issue.

How is this paper graded?

I will grade your paper based on the following elements:
•A clear, thoughtful, sophisticated, and intelligent literary analysis, including logical discussion of specific textual evidence to support your analysis.
•Proper essay structure, including a detailed, quality thesis statement.
•Proper paragraph structure.
•Proper grammar, spelling, syntax, and sentence mechanics.
•Appropriate academic tone.
•Proper use of MLA Format in-text citations after any quotations from the story AND a proper Works Cited page. Also, proper use of research sources and crediting via MLA Format (quotations when needed and citations).
?If you paraphrase information from research sources, it must be truly paraphrased (fully in your own words) and MUST be followed with an in-text citation. Otherwise, you will be guilty of plagiarism.
?If you use direct phrases or sentences from research sources, these phrases or sentences MUST be inside of quotation marks and be followed with an in-text citation. Otherwise, you will be guilty of plagiarism.

Without proper crediting via MLA Format, you cannot earn a passing grade in this paper.

Tips for Success:
•Make sure to structure your essay around a clear and detailed analytical thesis statement. This means that you’ve developed a unique, intelligent, and original set of insights about the them you’re discussing. A thesis statement is not merely a statement of your general topic or a statement of fact.
•Develop your body paragraphs’ topic sentences in a manner that clearly connects them back to the key points mentioned in your thesis statement.
•Do not engage in summary of the stories or allow the narrative structure of the story to be used as the structure for your paper. Again, structure your paper around a clear set of points to be made about the theme you are analyzing.
•Do not refer to yourself within your paper.
•Make sure to incorporate your research in a manner that is useful. Don’t merely “shove in” research quotes within your paper.
•Do not use ANY block quotes, whether quoting from the stories or your research sources. Only quote selectively and with a clear purpose.

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