Topic: U can decide

Topic: U can decide

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Instructions: Prepare a research proposal. Consider: Structure and Specific Marking Criteria Word Limit: 2,500 words Writtenassignmentsmustnotexceedthespecifiedmaximumnumberofwords.Allassignmentswhichdosowillbepenalised.Thepenaltywillbethedeductionof10%ofthemaximummarksavailable(i.e.10%).Assignmentswillnotbeacceptedwithout a word count on the cover sheet. Coursework B should be double-spaced, with page numbers at the bottom, 12-point font, and 1-inch margins. Work submitted after this date will receive a mark of 0 unless an extension has been approved in advance of this deadline. Requests for short-term extensions will only be considered in the case of illness or other cause considered valid by the Student Adviser. These must normally be received and agreed by Student Adviser in writing at least twenty four hours prior to the deadline. Please refer to the Academic Regulations or your Student Handbook for full details. All coursework assignments and other forms of assessment must be submitted by the published deadline which is detailed above. It is your responsibility to know when work is due to be submitted – ignorance of the deadline date will not be accepted as a reason for late or non-submission. Academic staff CANNOT accept work directly from you. You are requested to keep a copy of your work. Please contact your supervisor for any information or clarification that you may have on this regard. Write clearly. Make sure your proposal includes complete sentences and accurate spelling and punctuation.

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