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Techniques for Transformative Assessment: Consider the various techniques suggested by Popham. Reconsider the Wiliam (2005_ paper from Topic 5, and also read McMillan pp 145 – 147 about praise. Compile a one-page report about how a teacher can use praise effectively in the classroom, (in the context of what Popham, Wiliam and McMillan say). Relate the above to the types of praise used in the video Specific Praise and discuss how (or whether) the teacher’s use of praise demonstrated the points you have made
Using the Specific Praise video, video and compile a one-page observation report about how a teacher uses praise, and relate this to what Popham, William and McMillan say.
Guiding notes for portfolio piece 6
Portfolio Piece 6 Transformative assessment
In order to complete this portfolio sample, you will need to be familiar with the techniques discussed by Popham in the extract guiding assessments, as well as those from the Wiliam paper of topic 5, and you will need to read what McMillan has to say about the judicious use of praise (p. 145-7 of the text).
Then, with these techniques and views in mind, you need to watch the Specific Praise video (find the link in Topic 6, Week 7 in the Learning Modules).
Compile a one-page report describing how a teacher can use praise effectively in the classroom (based on your readings of Popham, William and McMilla). Relate the above to the types of praise used in the video Specific praise, and discuss how (or whether) the teachers use of praise demonstrated the you points you have made.
So, your one-page report will discuss how a teacher can use effective praise in the classroom, making links to the techniques used by the teacher in the video. Some key questions to guide you could be:
What do Popham, Wiliam and McMillan say about praise? How was the teacher in the video using praise? What specific techniques or strategies were evident? Did the teachers use of praise (in the video) correlate with or contradict the recommendations found in your readings? Why were the different types of praise used and to what effect?
Remember to provide discussion and analysis in your writing. Also – maintain third person viewpoint throughout, and give strong links to the readings, commenting on whether what you saw reflected what you read about.
The overall question to consider is how praise in general, and the teachers technique in particular, will contribute to more effective learning in the longer term in other words: transformative assessment.

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