Translation by Commentary

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This is a translation by commentary. It consists of two parts:
1. A translation from Spanish into English (source text: 6000 words) – this part I have done.
2. A translation commentary including:
A literature review (aprox 1.000-2000 words): This appears in the first part of the Commentary section or chapter. Here you will contextualize, analyze and evaluate the theoretical principles to be adopted. The purpose of this is to a)demonstrate a clear ability to establish a theoretical basis which is entirely appropriate for the purpose of the translation; b)show a full and detailed understanding of relevant theoretical concepts;
c)demonstrate a clear ability to critically evaluate secondary sources;
Actual commentary: By use of examples from your translation, show how you have adopted the theoretical principles in the translation choices you have made. Select the examples which best fit your theoretical framework or model.
I will also attach some documents: my dissertation proposal, the source text and its translation, as well as the dissertation guide, which offers detailed information about how the dissertation must be written and what rules must be followed.
Use a minimum of 15 sources reference, there is no maximum limit, you can use as many as you think are necessary. i will also provide some suggested reading.

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