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Begin your paper with a strong introduction that clearly states your thesis.
-Use a hook to get the reader interested in your topic.
-Use several paragraphs to lay the general outlines of your topic and to market the importance of research in this area to your reader.
-Close the introduction with a strong thesis statement that clearly states your primary conclusions.
Follow the introduction with a synthesized discussion of the relevant background or literature necessary to frame your particular research question.
-DO NOT simply provide an annotated bibliography.
-Synthesize the existing knowledge for your reader, setting up and framing the research question you are going to answer in the analysis.
-Your literature review should let the reader know not only the context for your question, but it should also convince the reader of the question’s importance.
The analysis should then:
-Open with a summary paragraph for what will follow. The analysis should be clearly structured to test the relationship between an independent variable(s) and a dependent variable(s). For instance, traditional Russian foreign policy paranoia (dependent variable) led to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan (dependent variable). You need to build your evidence around demonstrating both the reality of both variables and the relationship between the. That is, if you claim the invasion of Afghanistan was caused by cultural paranoia, then you need to provide evidence that demonstrates it was this cultural phenomenon and not other factors.
Close with a summarizing conclusion. You may even take the opportunity to relate your conclusions to one or more of the readings from the course.
Footnotes to your research and quoted materials are required. Use the approved (Turabian) style for citations. The Final Paper should be between 10 to 15 pages, including footnotes.
The following is my proposed research proposal which was approved it needs to be narrow down though.
Most International Relations scholars and foreign policy legislatures alike are asking themselves How much influence will the United States have within the next 15 to 25 years, as a globalized world continues evolving, many times without the precise direction of the traditional super powers, new trends have developed through the world in a post-cold war where security threats are changing and non-state actors are becoming more of a threat to the world than conventional State on State armed conflicts. Where does the United States fit in this equation, after a heavy recession and the ever growing debt of the United States to rising economic powers such as China, and the diverse domestic policies that are brewing within the U.S. some of the questions that scholars, policy makers and even a more informed citizenry are asking themselves how much influence do we have in the world today?
To answer some of these questions I will concentrate my research efforts a qualitative type of products that include information within key influence of hostile regions such as the Middle East where extremist, terrorism, and State Sponsor Terror have undermine our influence (Stoessinger 2008). I believe these key areas where more research and investigations is warranted in order to predict and maintain if need be our influence in the far future. Literature such as 2025 Global Trends Final Report, have indicated that developments in areas such as China, Russia, and countries within the Middle East who have Nuclear ambitions or full capacities will dictate or drastically affect our policies within these key regions. This report also identifies the lack of interest from the American Public to intervene or influence these areas of the world due to problematic economic and security situations back at home (National Intelligence Council 2008). The following are the key questions that this paper will intent to answer:
> How much influence will the United States have within the next 15 to 25 years?
> Regions of Key influence for the United States?
> What polices will the United States have to adapt to maintained a strong presence in a multipolar arena?
These questions need the independent variables to it, I will also submit some of the material that must be use in the research paper.

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