U.S. voter ID laws are NOT detrimental to democracy

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So the resolution of the topic is: "U.S. voter ID laws are detrimental to democracy.
BUT I need you to write a debate speech SUPPORTING the other side which is the CONTRARY side and that is U.S. voter ID laws are NOT detrimental to democracy.;
For the FIRST page of the paper, I want you to make a chart first and list about 5-7 EACH of the Pros and Cons arguments of the resolution and placing arguments to why it is true and false.
For the SECOND page of the paper, I want you to write a short intro and EXACTLY 3 CONTENTIONS like THE EXAMPLE; that I will upload in the additional files, please write it with (claim, warrant, impact), EXCEPT with a DIFFERENT contentions of course, DO NOT USE THE SAME ARGUMENT as the example that I will upload. (You can use the work cited provided already in the example or USE A NEW SOURCE) HOWEVER, just don’t repeat the same or use the same argument from the example.
ALSO, please write a SUMMARY to close the argument using the 3 old contentions FROM THE EXAMPLE, supporting that U.S. voter ID laws are NOT detrimental to democracy.

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