Understanding Career Opportunities

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Coursework Instructions:
One piece of coursework for this module, which is in two parts. (2000 words)
• Part one is 1200 words and 60% of the marks.
• Part two is 800 words and 40% of the marks.
Part 1(a) 30%
Research two employers and analyse their recruitment practices.
(find employers with detailed description of their recruitment practices, like interviews, phone interviews, activities , psychometric tests etc. and why they choose them).
Use HR Books and references for this part and be critical. Do not only state information provided.
Part 1 (b) 70%
Discuss the implications of your MBTI profile for working for one of the above employers.
(How I’m suitable for the job? do not only focus on the positive things , what they are looking for?)
Part 2:
Find a graduate level vacancy in one of the above employer and then write an application that meets the essential requirements of the post.
(Find job description with a lot of details). (It is preferable to be a job related to my course “Food and nutrition”.
Use STAR and CAR to write situations showing that I’m suitable for the job.
IMPORTANT: put the job description in the appendices.
You can use these websites to help you to find employers and vacancies:

PayPal Acceptance Mark

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