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Understanding Survey Research
Survey methodology is a common form of research in the counseling profession. The results of surveys can help you to make decisions about how you practice as a professional counselor. For example, a survey may help you to identify the mental health needs of clients in your community, to determine if couples would be receptive to a pre-marital counseling service, or to help you identify the various specializations of counselors in your state. Because survey data can inform your decision-making process as a professional counselor, it is important for you to understand the fundamental principles of survey design and the types of data analysis used in survey research.
In this Discussion you evaluate articles related to your specialization that have employed survey methodology.
With these thoughts in mind:
Select a counseling research article in which a survey is used to collect data, and then post by Day 4 the APA style citation for your article, a brief description of the study you selected, and the type of survey used. Explain the implications of survey data on decision making in your study. Be specific. Finally, explain any limitations to the use of this design in this study.

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