Unscheduled Project Time

BUS 517 Project Management

Week 5 DQ 1

“Unscheduled Project Time”  Please respond to the following:

Ø  Define “slack” in the project management environment. Next, as project manager, refer to Assignment 1 and give your opinion on why “slack” is important to your project. Justify your response.

Ø  Determine the key differences between free slack and total slack in the project management environment. Provide an example or scenario of each type of slack to further justify your response.


Week 5 DQ 2

“Project Management Resourses”  Please respond to the following:

Ø  From the e-Activity, interpret the network computation process, and discuss the key terminologies and examples that helped you understand the network computation process.


Ø  From the case study, determine the critical path for the project, and indicate whether you recommend that G&E pursue the contact in question. Justify your response.

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