US Politician Scandal

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A. Your next investigative report is on a US public official who is charged with corruption or unethical behavior.

1600 words (8 pages.) At least five interviews (phone, in person, or quotes from their websites, interviews etc.) documents, testimony. This piece has to have a conclusion and has to be in print style. Style should be print style using an inverted pyramid with you most important discovery at the beginning. You should use sentences like
* our investigation has discovered?
* in our two week review of the record, we have found that?
* our investigation confirmed that?
Your paragraphs should have no more than three sentences. After you have made a finding, you should expand on it for one to two paragraphs.
Attribution should be APA style.
*5 of the 7 sources asked for are interview/quote/testimony related
*the 7th page of this project was ordered so that on the bibliography a short description can be added on at least 3 of the interviewees and their relevance to the case
*all sources are to be primary documents (court documents, official case items, etc) and in case of interviews, the people to be used as a source should be attempted to be contacted directly
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