US Women of Colors’ Most Significant Theoretical Contributions to Pedagogy

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Write a scholarly essay that explores US women of colors’ most significant theoretical contributions to pedagogy. You should discuss at least four different theorists, but DO NOT include Barbara Smith, Beverly Guy-Sheftall, Gloria T. Hull or Patricia Hill Collins as one of the four key theorists. A few examples of potential feminists to be used in reference to feminist pedagogy would include: Florence Howe, Yolanda T. Moses, etc. Please make sure to address the following three sections in the paper: 1. Discuss each theorist’s key theories and texts. 2. Explain why their contributions have been important. 3. Explore the similarities and differences among the four theorists. Please make sure that ALL of the theorists are from the United States and preferably, but not exclusively, women of color. The due date of this paper CANNOT be extended. You can use as many references necessary including books and journal articles; however, the minimum is four and it is CRUCIAL that all three sections noted above are addressed in the paper

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