Use an example from modern American culture to demonstrate the relationship between folk traditions and popular culture.

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Assignment Prompts
Assignment: Use an example from modern American culture to demonstrate the relationship between folk traditions and popular culture.
• Choose a topic addressing theme of course.
o an aspect of popular culture with which you identify or in which you participate
• Identify the folk traditions that influence the topic.
• Evaluate the place of the topic within American popular culture.
• Analyze the topic’s place in American culture, using the definitions of folklore and popular culture to show the influences on its history and its power in society.
• Eight pages of text (plus bibliography/works cited)
• Double-spaced
• Standard 12-point font
• Last name and page number at the bottom right
o MLA Citations
o Citations can be footnotes or parenthetical but be consistent
• Draw primarily from the three texts (Oring, Santino, Storey)
• You can use alternative sources, including personal interviews
• Do not use Wikipedia; instead look at JSTOR, ProjectMUSE, Encyclopedia of American Folklife, American Folklore: An Encyclopedia, etc.
• Choose a topic that you want to write about
o e.g.: If you don’t like Polish cuisine, don’t pick Polish cuisine
o If you would like input before settling on a topic, please consult me
• Start small, then expand. Choose a narrow topic and connect it to larger themes.
• Proofread. Take the time to go over your paper before handing it in. Spellcheck does not always catch everything. Don’t let typos distract from your argument. Don’t let typos bring down your grade!
Total: 160 points
Strength of Argument: 60 points
• Correctly demonstrates the relationship between folk traditions and popular culture
• Presents a convincing argument about the chosen topic
• Supports the argument consistently throughout the paper
Clarity and Tone: 40 points
• Paper has a clear thesis
• Ideas are clearly organized
• Objective analytical tone (i.e., formal writing)
Mechanics and Grammar: 40 points
• Consistent and appropriate composition
• Frequency of spelling and grammatical errors
• Correct syntax and sentence structure
Sources and Documentation: 40 points
• Meets assignment requirements (page length, submitted on time, original work)
• Paper is completely and properly cited as per university guidelines
• Citations are formatted correctly (MLA style)

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