Use of opioids for the treatment of chronic pain

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Recall the components of PICOT from your research course:
(P) Population of Focus
(I) Intervention
(C) Comparison
(O) Outcome
(T) Time
Identify each of the components in relation to your topic.
In drug addicted patients how does non-pharmacological pain intervention compared with pain management with opioids affect relieving pain and preventing relapse?
“According to the recent Institute of Medicine Report on Pain, 100 million Americans suffer from pain” (American academy of pain medicine, 2013). Pain is the most sought out reason to see a physician and costs the united states more than half a trillion dollars a year, and it is still frequently treated incorrectly. In recent years healthcare professionals and lawmakers have been interested in developing better pain therapy to reduce drug diversion and addiction.
Then, develop a PICO question/statement.
P –In drug addicted patients
I –how does non-pharmacological pain intervention
C –compared with pain management with opioids
O –affect relieving pain and Preventing relapse?
American academy of pain medicine.“Use of opioids for the treatment of chronic pain”. 2013.

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