Using the understanding of the causes of language endangerment (from the research) to persuade the speakers of low variety language in China to change their attitude and take action in preventing the disappearance of their regional language.

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In this essay, you will have to put ideas into logical relationship with one another so as to build unified, purposeful argument, as well as acknowledging counterarguments in terms of your audience and addressing those counterarguments in a persuasive manner. You should introduce the skill of using source materials to develop and enrich the argument. In working with outside sources, you should employ evidence drawn from 7 sources in a manner that does not displace or obscure the centrality of your own ideas and own writing. Also, you have to state why are the sources credible. In particular, writing that draws upon textual material(the researched paper)should exhibit a clear thesis and a strong personal voice; it should not merely string together chunks of information or opinions obtained from other sources. To this end, you will draw on concepts of Linguistic to develop an original argument of your own. In keeping with the focus on rhetoric and audience, the original argument will attempt to persuade the low variety language speakers to take some type of action to prevent the disappearance of their regional languages. The outside source materials will enrich both the development of your argument, and the argument itself.

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