video or article “Current Events”

video or article “Current Events”

Select a video or article that I have posted in Module 1 or Module 2, Chapters 1-7 OR one that I have put in “Current Events” (this does NOT include the “Happy Video

from HCC”, nor a resource site such as “The Innocence Project or the HIV Resource site). You will do research on the topic and then CRITIQUE the article or video,

following the instructions below. The video title is Mass Media – Agent of Socialization (Homework), will be first  when you put the title on YouTube.

This is NOT an essay, therefore Do NOT complete this assignment in essay format. If you do, it will NOT be accepted or graded and you will receive a “0” for this

Any/all sources you use for each question MUST be cited (using MLA style) at the end of EACH question, NOT at the end of the assignment.
Please proof-read your work for spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, etc.

(including the textbook) MUT be cited at the end of each question, NOT at the end of the assignment.
Read each question thoroughly. Next, TYPE OR copy and paste each question (number each exactly as I have). Then respond to each question, according to the instructions

of the question
If you do NOT type and/or copy and paste and number each question, as I have below, you will get a “0” for this assignment. Remember, type and/or copy and paste and

number each question, THEN respond to the question.
There are EIGHT (8) questions for this assignment and each must be answered, according to the instructions. BE VERY DETAILED, specific and use examples to support and

defend your position(s).
For each question, I consider a well-developed paragraph to be 6-9 sentences.
1.    Include the title, source and length of the video and what module you got it from within our class. You MUST include the web address as a link to your video,

so I can directly click on it and/or put the address in a browser to view it. If you select an article, state the name of the article and the author (if available).

You MUST clearly state the CHAPTER or CHAPTERS your video or article coincides with from Module 1 OR 2. Finally, state the TOPIC of the article or video. Ex: The main

topic of my video (or article) deals with drugs, education, etc. I got the video from modulo 2. The title of this video is Socialization & the media. Chapter 3.
2.    In YOUR OWN WORDS, summarize in TWO PARAGRAPHS what your video or article is about (beginning, middle and end). BE DETAILED. (I consider a paragraph to be 6-9

fully developed sentences).
3.     Next, you MUST do research on the TOPIC of this video or article. Use three credible sources. (DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA as a source). List your (3) THREEE

research findings with cited sources (MLA style). Your research MUST include statistics (meaning numbers and percentages), what groups are affected in a positive or

negative manner and anything else you would like to include that sheds new light on the topic of your article or video. Then, in three paragraphs, discuss and analyze

what YOU believe the research findings reveal. Include in your discussion how or not your research coincides with the chapter content. Be detailed and use( 3) three

specific examples to support and defend your discussion. (I consider a paragraph to be 6-9 fully developed sentences).
4.    Using your critical thinking skills and the research you found, discuss in DETAIL (using TWO PARAGRAPHS) whether or not YOU believe the content of this video

or article is fair and balanced by presenting both sides (and/or many sides) of the topic or is it one-sided and biased? Include THREE (3) examples to support and

defend your discussion. BE DETAILED. (I consider a paragraph to be 6-9 fully developed sentences).
5.    In two complete paragraphs, state and discuss (in your own words), what makes this video/topic sociological (refer to the definition given in lecture notes)

and the chapter content. In your discussion, include your research to defend your position(s). Use three (3) concrete examples to support/defend your discussion. (I

consider a paragraph to be 6-9 fully developed sentences). BE DETAILED.
6.    In three paragraphs, discuss in DETAIL, how this video/topic coincides and directly relates to the chapter content AND your research. Include how the

(article/video/research) enhanced and clarified your understanding of the chapter content and topic. Within your discussion, include FOUR concepts or terms (along with

the definitions and source, page numbers, etc. from the text). UNDERLINEtheFOURtermsand/orconceptsanddefinitionsfromthechapterthat supports your discussion. Do NOT use

and/or list these terms separately, rather within your discussion, in conjunction with the video, chapter and researched content. Defend your position(s) with 3-4

specific examples to support your discussion. The terms/concepts MUST NOT be the same terms asked for in #7. BE DETAILED!
7.    7. Which sociological approach, Structural Functionalism, Conflict or Symbolic Interactionism (refer to Chapter One) best fits the position of your video or

article? Include the definition of the approach and its Founder! Could two or all three approaches fit the topic of your article or video? If so, discuss each, using

examples from the video or article to defend and discuss your approach in 2-3 complete DETAILED paragraphs. Be detailed and specific as to why and how this video topic

relates to the approaches (Structural Functionalism, Conflict, Symbolic Interactionism) you selected. Within each paragraph, include and use three examples to support

and defend your discussion and position.
8.    Next, using the definition of sociology from the chapter outline, discuss in two complete paragraphs, how your article/video and research of this topic helped

you better understand the
9.    discipline of sociology. Use three examples in each paragraph to discuss and defend your position. (I consider a paragraph to be 6-9 fully developed sentences)


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