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There are no magical plans for a virtual field trip other than it is to be fun, visual, and virtual, supporting the integrated exploratory activities.
Design a virtual or online field trip to a museum, planetarium, green house, theme park, barrier reef, mountain top glacier, jungle, desert, or National Park. The choices are limitless. The Internet has thousands of sites that can be used to help or supplement the experience.
You are to develop a PowerPoint presentation that you will use for this activity. See the example PowerPoint to get an idea of what this presentation should look like. It is to be complete and ready for use. The final slide of the PowerPoint should be a bibliography of the sources that you used to put your presentation together.
Make a chart of the Science, History, Language Arts, Bible /Character Education activities you will design from this virtual excursion. While you will include this in the slides, it would not typically be in your classroom presentation. It is included in your submission for ease of attachment and could be easily removed if you were to use the presentation in a classroom setting.
You may separate this diagram into separate units instead of combined columns. Be creative as you explain how this activity will strengthen your original science discovery activities.
Science History-Social Studies Language Arts Bible
Character Education
Lessons that could be: Lessons that could be: Lessons that could be: Lessons that could be:
How long should the presentation be? Long enough to convey the objectives of the presentation you are providing. The length of the example is not indicative of the length your presentation should be. In general, it may be longer and likely not shorter.
Slides full of text are distracting and generally aren’t engaging. In a class such as this, I understand that you want to convey knowledge of the subject and show that you will actually be teaching. To satisfy your desire and my need, I ask that you include the comments you would share with the class in the “notes” section of the slide as you design them. The “notes” section is not visible to the viewer of the PowerPoint but can be printed by the designer for presentation purposes

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