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Two products are to be stored in a warehouse. Product A is 10” wide x 12” long x 3” high and is stored on 40” x 48” pallets. Product A can be stacked 7 layers high on each pallet and pallets of Product A are to be stacked 3 high in the warehouse. Product B is 6” wide x 6” long x 6” high and is stored individually on shelves that are 6 shelves high. The storage area has 50% unused space that is for spaces between pallets, bins, aisle allowances, etc. Additional warehouse required areas are 20,000 sq. feet for packing stations, 10,000 sq. feet for the receiving dock and 10,000 square feet for the shipping dock. The below table provides additional information for these 2 products.
Annual Demand (units)
Annual Inventory Turnover
Underutilized %
What is the total storage square footage required for Product A?
What is the total storage square footage required for Product B?
What is the total square footage required for the warehouse?

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