What can Psychology Tell us About Business Ethics

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Instructions: You are to prepare an article review over the following reading: “What can Psychology Tell us About Business Ethics?” by D. Messick in Journal of Business Ethics, 2009, Vol. 89(1), pp. 73-80. The following questions should be discussed. (Analysis of the information within the reading is imperative and it is the fundamental purpose of the reading assignment.)
• Is this a good reading (content, writing, etc) Why or why not?
• What is the viewpoint of the author? Summarize briefly.
• What impact will this topic have on organizational behavior in general?
• What are your thoughts regarding the article’s content? (Relating to OB)
• Expand and Explain your thoughts and explanations. The majority of the review content should come from bullets 3 and 4.
Grading Rubric:
• Review should include analysis of the content which indicates an understanding of the topic.
• Review must be written in APA format with correct grammar and spelling.
• Review should be a minimum of two to three pages of content (not including cover page and reference page), typed, double spaced, font size no larger than 12.

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