What factors do companies need to consider when selling their products in other countries

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Our teacher asked us to:
• Write 1200-1500 words.
• Must refer from 8 sources.
• Make it simple (English course level).
• Write the citations. For example: (Smith, 2015, p. 14)
*Page number should be written.
• Highlighted all the relevant sections of the sources.
1- (INTERNATIONAL TRADE) An Introduction to Theory and Policy.
Author’s name: Richard Pomfret.1991
2- (PRODUCT-COUNTRY IMAGES) Impact and Role in International Marketing.
Author’s name: Nicolas Papadopoulos, DBA. Louise A. Heslop, PhD.
The topic of the essay is:
(What factors do companies need to consider when selling their products in other countries).
My plan for the essay that I have showed my teacher is going like this:
– Introduction.
– Body 1 (Communication)
• Different styles and languages.
• Negotiation.
• Rules for advertising.
– Body 2 (Cultural Differences)
• Understand the culture.
• What is important and valued
• What they are allowed and not allowed.
– Body 3 (Training)
• Getting used to the host country.
• Language and culture.
• Ability to manage stress.
– Conclusion

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