What is an amicus curiae brief?

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Please answer the following questions in 10 pages paper use APA writing guidelines.

Question 1
in Federalist No. 10, James Madison described how a government could be designed to control the effects of __________.
representative government
political parties
trade associations
2- When a case that an interest group is interested in, but not actually sponsoring, comes before a court, the group can __________.
meet with judges to explain the group’s policy preferences
file an amicus curiae brief to present the group’s analysis of the case
file an appeal to move the case to a different court
file a petition to get the group added to the list of plaintiffs
offer monetary incentives to the judges in the case
3- Since the 1970s, political action committee (PAC) contributions have __________.
become increasingly important in congressional elections
decreased, following a growing movement of representatives who have rejected all PAC money
become less important in federal-level elections and more important in state-level elections
become more important in federal-level elections and less important in state-level elections
remained fairly steady as a vehicle for campaign contributions
4- The __________ problem occurs when people fail to join a group because they can get the benefits the group offers without contributing to the group’s efforts.
free rider
collective good
group coordination
group formation
5- In order to overcome the free rider problem, many interest groups offer material benefits. What are material benefits?
the policies that interest groups help to bring about
gifts given to members of Congress in return for their support on legislation
benefits given only to group members
campaign contributions to elected officials
bonuses given to the most effective lobbyists
6- What is an amicus curiae brief?
a written argument submitted to a court in support of one side of a case
a petition to remove a judge from a court case
a petition submitted to Congress in support of or opposition to a judicial nominee
a petition submitted to an executive branch agency, requesting a review of the agency’s decision
an internal memo circulated among interest group leaders, briefing them on the details of a court case
7- What is the main objective of most labor unions?
to protect consumers from unsafe products
to protect the interests of businesses within an industry
to protect jobs and secure favorable wages and benefits for their members
to ensure equality of all people under the law
to support free trade policies
8- Which of the following is a provision of the Honest Leadership and Open Government Act of 2007?
certification rules for lobbyists
lobbying disclosure requirements
a ban on PAC contributions
a rule banning lobbyists from running for office
a rule banning elected officials from leaving government to becoming lobbyists
9- Which of the following is an example of a public interest group?
a consumer rights group
a professional association
a labor union
a group representing a state government
a political action committee
10- Which of the following is an example of a trade association?
the National Association of Manufacturers
the American Association of Retired People (AARP)
the National Rifle Association
the National Wildlife Federation
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