what ways can the act of parenticide be explained?

The essay has to include madness.(e.g one of the reasons that drives a child to kill his parent(s)is mental illness)


Title: question (In what ways can the act of parenticide be explained?)

[Why children kill their parent/s]



Parrenticide is defined as the act of killing one’s own parent(s) (Morrall, 2006).



  • 0pening statement
  • Structure/content(themes)/theories(possibly)
  • Definitions


  • ‘Fadts’/stats/background material
  • theories (x2 or x3) – apply to your case study

critically analyse the theories

(critical analysis and theories makes most of the marks)


  • summarise main points of the essay
  • conclusion ( don’t say I believe, say on the basis of the evidence … or way forward

References (20-30) Harvard referencing

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