When should the liberal state prohibit discriminatory practices within illiberal minority groups and communities?

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1. The word limit is 3,000 words.
2. The word limit is just that: you must not exceed it.
3. Your stated word count must include footnotes but not your bibliography.
4. According to the School of Law policy, penalties for word counts in excess of the published word limit are as follows:
� 5 marks deducted immediately at the point that the word limit is exceeded.
� 10 marks deducted where the word limit is exceeded by more than 10%.
� Any material in excess of 20% above the published word limit will not be marked.
Please note that misstatement of the correct length of your work will be treated as a disciplinary offence.
Presentation and Content
1. All assignments must be double spaced (that is double line spacing), with footnotes, typed, using a 12-point font, with 1 inch (2.5cm) margins.
2. The title page of your assignment must certify the exact number of words used (including footnotes but excluding bibliography).
3. Do not plagiarise from books or articles, or copy from each other or write joint drafts with other students. You must work on the assessment independently, and you must each write your essays independently. All work submitted will be submitted to computer analysis to help identify plagiarism and collusion.
4. You must include a full bibliography, and footnotes identifying where you are using ideas developed by others.

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