Why do you think popular music should be taken seriously?

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Please answer the following question to the best of your ability:
General consensus has it that popular music is mere entertainment and thus should not be taken seriously. Over the course of this semester we have challenged that view in a number of different ways. We have discussed how popular music is deeply implicated in some of the most important issues of our time; matters of cultural, political, economic, and socio-technological concern.

Question: Why do you think popular music should be taken seriously?
Choose any example that you believe demonstrates why popular music should be taken seriously.
You can discuss a trend in popular music that you think influences, or is representative of, wider cultural or global shifts; you can talk about how a musician you know makes a living and what this tells us about the music industry and cultural labour in general; you can talk about almost anything, as long as you clearly make the case for its wider significance.

The point is to be creative and choose an example that you believe demonstrates the importance of analyzing popular music, and to apply what you learned this semester to make your case.

Please DO NOT write about the things we have discussed in lecture:
do not write about the following topic, be creative, write something new!!!
Week 1: Studying the Cultural Production of Popular Music
Week 2: The Pre-History of Popular Music – Music Becomes A Commodity
Week 3: Popular Music & The Recording Industry
Week 4: Power Struggles: File Sharing and the Future of the Music Industry
Week 5: Theorizing Popular Music: The Frankfurt School & Mass Culture Critique
Week 6: Theorizing Popular Music: Subcultures
Week 7: Theorizing Popular Music: The Specter of Authenticity & Selling Out
Week 8: Performing Gender: ‘Cock Rock’ and Riot Grrrl
Week 9: Dancing in Space: Disco and Electronic Dance Music Scenes
Week 10: The Globalization of Hip hop and K-Pop
Week 11: Technology & Musical Culture: Commodities and Clouds
This is NOT a research paper; the goal is to reflect on what you have learned and to write something that is creative and expressed clearly. Think of this more as a piece of music journalism – like you would find in Rolling Stone magazine, for example.
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