Why Wearable Tech Will Be as Big as the Smart Phone

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The assignment is to carefully reading the article “Why Wearable Tech Will Be as Big as the Smart Phone” I’ll attach it, and conduct your own research about wearable technology. And then write an analysis report addressing the following main issues:
a. In the article, the author argues that “Bluedouche principle” and “Trucker Hat principle” present two challenges for the growth of wearable technology. Do you agree with him or not? Why or why not? What challenges do you see the wearable technology faces?
b. What factors do you think would critically contribute to the growth of wearable technology? Which industries/markets are well suited for applying wearable technology? Overall, do you think wearable technology will be as significant as smart phone? Why or why not?
c. Suppose you are an entrepreneur, briefly describe a business idea that utilizes wearable technology to provide new kinds of products/services.
Save your completed report as a Word document of 3 pages.

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