The Toxic Workplace

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Assignment Prompts
Turn to page 356 of your textbook and read the ?OB on the Edge? case thoroughly. At the end of this case you will find two sections of questions: 1) Research Exercise; and 2) Your Perspective. In a two to five page report please answer all of the questions provided. For the following assignment you will require the following: title page, introduction paragraph, content, summary and citation page. The citations should be the links to the research websites, magazine and books that you used to support your answers.
Research exercise
1. Look for data on violence and anger in the workplace in other countries. How do these data compare with the Canadian and American data presented here? What might you conclude about how violence and anger in the workplace are expressed in different cultures?
2. Identify three Canadian organizations that are trying to foster better and/or less toxic environments for their employees. What kind of effect is this having on the organizations? bottom lines?
Your perspective
1. Is it reasonable to suggest, as some researchers have, that young people today have not learned to be civil to others or do not place a high priority on doing so? Do you see this as one of the causes of incivility in the workplace?
2. What should be done about managers who create toxicity in the workplace while being rewarded because they achieve bottom-line results? Should bottom-line results justify their behavior?
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