Wuthering Heights as a hybrid novel

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According to Delia Correa in your textbook Romantics and Victorians chapters five and six, Wuthering Heights is seen as a hybrid not abiding to the formal characteristics of a single genre but containing romantic, gothic, tragic as well as realist features.
In an essay of 1300 words, discuss the following:
1. The definition of hybridity in M. Bakhtin?s article ?Towards a methodology for the study of the novel,? and how it applies to the novel. How does the novel cover the different genres in terms of plot, themes and characterization?
2. How does this richness of genres affect your reception and understanding as a reader and what impressions do you have after reading and studying this novel?
* Don?t refer to unscholarly electronic or written sources such as Wikipedia and Cliff notes.
Useful references:
1. Bronte, E (2009 (1847) Wuthering Heights (ed I. Jack; introduction and additional notes H. Small), Oxford World?s Classics, Oxford, Oxford University Press.
2. Watson, Nicola and TowheedShafquat (ed.) (2012) Romantic and Victorians: ?Emily Bronte: Wuthering Heights: at Home and Abroad? London, Bloomsbury, pp. 351-410.
3. Bakhtin, M.M. (1981) ?Towards a Methodology for the Study of the Novel? in The Dialogic Imagination: Four Essays, trans. C. Emerson and Holquist, ed. M. Holquist, University of Texas Press, pp. 3-11.
4. Hillis Miller, J (1982) ?Wuthering Heights: repetition and the uncanny? in Fiction and Representation: Seven English Novels, Cambridge, MA, Harvard University Press, pp. 42-73.
5. Alexander, C. (ed.) (2003) The Oxford Companion to the Brontes, Oxford, Oxford University Press.
the pattern of the should be as the following:
8 paragraphs
*The first paragraph: general introduction centered on the concept of the essay (written by who, major characteristic, how it relates to my essay,…etc).
*the second paragraph: definition of hybridity and how it applies to our novel according to Bakhtin.
*the third paragraph: how Emily employs features of romantic elements.
*the fourth paragraph: how Emily employs features of Gothic elements.
*the fifth paragraph: how Emily employs features of tragic elements.
*the sixth paragraph: how it is realist and domestic novel.
*the seventh paragraph: how does this richness affect my reception and understanding as a reader and what impressions do you have after reading and studying this novel?
(should use the word (I), positive or negative opinion or both).
*the eighth paragraph: conclusion ( as the introduction without any new information).

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