You are starting a small bike messenger company

1 – You are starting a small bike messenger company. Given your type of services (hand-delivering packages within a small geographical area), could your firm be a digital firm? If so, what would make this a digital firm?


2- The small publishing company you work for wants to create a new database for storing information about all of its author contracts. What factors will influence how you design the database?


3- How does packet switching work?


4- Distinguish between Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), Web Services Description Language (WSDL), and Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration (UDDI)


5- Americlinic, a national chain of budget healthcare clinics, is creating an information system that will allow patients and doctors at participating franchises to communicate online. The goal of the system is to allow doctors to respond to minor health questions quickly and more efficiently, saving patients unnecessary visits to the clinic. This will be a major procedural change. What steps would you recommend to this company to ensure the user acceptance of the system?




Which of the following statements about collaboration is not true? (Points : 4)

In business, a collaboration can last as little as a few minutes.

Business collaboration relies on the formation of teams that are assigned a specific task or goal.

Successful collaboration can be achieved through technology regardless of the organization’s culture or structure.

One business benefit of collaboration is improved innovation.



Enterprise systems generally require (Points : 5)

a company to modify the application suite to meet its business needs.

a company to use a combination of different enterprise systems.

a company to install all features of the enterprise application suite.

a company to accept the business process as defined in the suite.

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